Requirements for publications in the journal PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIETY

The scientific article must structurally contain subdivisions that are highlighted in bold type as subheadings:
1. Setting up a public problem.
2. Purpose (goals and objectives) of the study.
3. Authorship concept, or author's idea.
4. Analysis of recent research and publications.
5. Allocation of previously unsettled parts of the general problem.
6. Presentation of the main research material and the obtained scientific results.
7. Conclusions and perspectives of further exploration.
8. Literature (executed in accordance with current requirements), as well as transliteration of literature in Latin letters (references).
9. Three annotations (in Ukrainian (no less than 1 p.), in English (at least 1 p.) In languages), reflecting the essence of the article.
10. Keywords written in three languages ​​before annotations.
11. UDC code.

The editorial board accepts scientific articles and brochures in a text editor in Word (doc, rtf), a 14 pt font in Times New Roman font in 1,5 intervals and one copy of the text printed on a laser printer. The author bears personal responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of the proposed scientific material. At the same time, the editorial board retains the right to scientific and literary editing. Manuscripts of persons without a degree and candidates of science are reviewed and may be returned for revision. The issue of the time and date of publication of the article is solved by the editor-in-chief of the publication.

The author specifies his / her name, postal and electronic address, official and home phone numbers, position, scientific degree, academic rank, short biographical information about himself, including individual author codes ORCID, ResearcherID, etc. For potential authors, the annual subscription to the magazine is mandatory (you must send a scan or a photo of a subscription form). A copy of the text, including tables, diagrams, drawings on individual pages, the electronic version is necessarily duplicated by e-mail. Article (the brochure) is numbered without spaces and letter marks.

Accepted publications in Ukrainian, English.